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Storii - Record your Memoir - Gift Box

Storii - Record your Memoir - Gift Box

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Capture precious memories with Storii phone calls! This gift box is ideal for special occasions such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays and the Holidays.

Record life stories without writing a word! Storii is the perfect way to record stories about life without the need for the internet or a smartphone - Storii even works with landlines! 

Inside the Box

Storii Gift Box


1 x Card with clear activation instructions

1 x Card with a unique phone activation code

1 x Card with a list of example life story questions


  • WHAT YOU GET: A telephone service that calls up to 3x a week to ask questions about an individual's life. Users can also call in to record answers at any time. Answers are transcribed and stored to a keepsake profile.
  • EASY SETUP: Type in your activation code (accessible on a card within your box) via the phone you would like to call from or via our website!
  • WORKS WITH LANDLINES: Storii works with both landline phones and smartphones - no internet or WiFi required!
  • DOWNLOAD AUDIOBOOK OR PRINT ANSWERS: All recordings and transcriptions are easily downloaded as an audiobook or printed at any time by logging into your online profile.


Shipping to all 50 US States and the United Kingdom.


5.25" x 4" x 1"

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Record life stories without writing a word

Storii is the easiest way for your loved ones to record stories about their life. Users receive up to 3 scheduled phone calls per week asking curated questions about their life. (They can also call-in to record at any time). Storytellers have up to 10 minutes per question to record their answer, which is then automatically stored to their online profile and auto-transcribed into text.

If family members are connected, they will receive updates via SMS when a recording is completed.

No WiFi or Smartphones are required! Storii works with both landline and cellphone numbers.

Meaningful questions you never thought to ask

Storii's curated question set is designed to get individuals to discuss their life in ways they may not have been asked before. However, question content and the order in which they are answered can be customized by family members or users themselves by logging into our online portal at

Learn more on our Website

Share memories with loved ones for years to come

All recordings and transcriptions are easily downloaded as an audiobook or printed at any time by logging into your online profile. You can also add images, videos and other recording to answers for additional context!

  • Shipping to all 50 US States, Canada & the UK

    Shipping to the UK, Canada and all 50 US states including Hawaii and Alaska in addition to Territories such as Puerto Rico.

  • The Perfect Gift for a Loved One!

    Looking for a unique or meaningful gift for those close to you? You've come to the right place!


What is a Storii Gift Box?

Storii is a service that helps people capture, preserve, and share their personal stories and memories. Our service provides a simple and engaging way for people to record and reflect on their experiences over a phone call, and to share those stories with friends and family if they choose to do so.

Whilst you can get started with Storii directly from our website, the Gift Box was created so that Storii could be physically gifted to loved ones. It is also particularly useful for those who do not have access to the internet or a landline phone, and will be conducting setup and recording via a landline phone.

What is inside a Storii Gift Box?

Inside a Storii Gift Box, you will find the following:

- 1 x Card with unique phone activation code

- 1 x Card with activation instructions

- 1 x Card with a list of example life story questions

You can see an example of what is inside the gift box in this video.

Can I customize Storii Questions?

Yes! If you would prefer to add your own custom questions, you can easily do just that on Storii. To do this you must log into Storii’s online platform. Visit or search for Storii Family on any App Store. To login, you can use your phone number as the username. You will then receive a verification code either via text or a call. Enter the code when prompted to access your account. 

Once logged in to Storii, you can add a custom question by clicking the 'Add' button inside a life story category. You are also able to edit existing questions if you believe your loved one may respond better with a slight adaptation. Please note that there are limitations on words that can be asked in a question to prevent abuse. Ensure that you add any custom questions created to the "Upcoming Questions" list for them to be sent out and answered on phone calls! You can do this by clicking the ‘Add to Upcoming Questions’ button.

How do I receive my loved ones' answers if I send them a gift box?

Your loved one can invite you (if they choose to) to connect to their profile by calling the number included in the Storii Gift box and pressing 3 on the keypad. They will then be prompted to enter the phone number of the individual(s) they would like to share their recordings with. (These can be international numbers too) The individual(s) will then receive a text message with a link to create a free Storii account and access life story updates.

How do I share my recordings with others?

You can choose to share your stories with friends and family at any time. Simply call back the same number we call from and press option 3 where you will be presented with the option to invite individuals to receive your recordings by entering their phone number. Multiple phone numbers can be added.

The phone numbers you enter will receive an SMS invite to connect with you on Storii. They can click the unique link provided to register for a free Storii account, through which they will automatically be connected to the individual who invited them.

Can storytellers know questions ahead of time before calls so they can think about their answers?

At current, if users are able to log in to their Storii Profile, they will be able to see all upcoming questions by clicking the 'Upcoming Questions' button. From there, questions can be removed, re-ordered and custom questions can be added.

If the Storyteller is unable to access their profile, for example if they do not have any internet and are using a landline phone for Storii, they will be able to call in to Storii at any time by calling the same number we call from to hear their next upcoming question. They could also simply hang up once they hear the question during the scheduled call, as Storii will keep asking the same question until it is either answered or skipped.

What happens after a recording is completed?

Once an individual completes a life story recording, the audio file will be immediately stored to their profile on and a text will be sent to those who are connected to their account, letting them know a new recording has been logged. Within around 2 minutes, the full audio transcription text will also be posted below the stored audio recording. Audio transcription text can easily be edited, and those with access are also able to add images, videos or additional audio recordings to the question answer. Answers can also be printed at any time.

Do I need to pay to maintain access to my recorded stories?

No! Payment is only required during periods in which life story calls are being sent out or received by users. If an individual has 'completed' their life story recordings, they and other family members will still be able to access and export their stories at no charge. 

Can I add photos to recorded stories?

Storytellers or connected loved ones are able to edit and supplement all recordings and transcriptions. This includes adding images, videos or even additional audio recordings to the same answer.

Can I download, print or export my answers?

Yes! Answers can be accessed via logging into the Storii website portal or App.

Answers can be exported either by using the Print option to the top right of the life story page, or by downloading media (MP3s or Videos) directly within an answer in the life story feature on Storii.

Does Storii work with other languages?

At current we offer either English or Spanish calls and questions.

If you would like to send out a question in a different language, you can manually customize the questions sent out into any language by accessing the 'Upcoming Questions' view on an individual's Storii profile.

There is of course nothing stopping call recipients recording an answer in any language they choose - Storii will still transcribe the spoken language to text. Please let us know which languages you would like to see Storii calls sent out in!

Is Storii Private and Secure?

Yes, your privacy and security are important to us. Your stories are saved securely and privately, and can only be accessed by you or by people you choose to share them with. We take steps to protect your information and to ensure that your stories remain safe and accessible.